Peter has been working on a followup to his first album 19 Days in Tetbury for the most of 2018 and the first third of 2019 – as the recording is already finished, the first single is finally coming out. „Missing the Moments“ and its accompanying music video reflects a nostalgia about childhood in our today’s hasty lives. It was directed by Peter’s long-time collaborator Michal Kunes Kovacs who previously shot Eye of a Needle or Painful Remedy.

While preparing a material for his upcoming album to be released in September, Peter will also spend some time on the road as he teamed up with renown German singer, songwriter  and guitarist Jesper Munk. Peter is very happy to be on board for five of his solo shows through Germany.

March 5 – Berlin – Silent Green
March 6 – Hamburg – Resonanzraum
March 8 – Hildesheim – Kulturfabrik Löseke
March 9 – Köln – Stadtgarten
March 10 – Osnabrück – Lagerhalle

Check out Jesper’s great music at his official website or Facebook.

We are excited to share with you Peter Aristone’s new music video for his single “Eye of a Needle.” Peter Aristone is a Slovakian singer/songwriter who first launched his career with his debut album, ’19 Day in Tetbury.’ The album released in 2014…

“Eye of a Needle” comes from Aristone’s latest EP, ‘Happiest Accidents.’ The song is mainly about this generation’s obsession with social media. The music video is simple but really shows how much social media is getting out of hand.


From his latest EP Happiest Accidents, Peter Aristone premieres his brand new music video for “Will I Be Waiting”. Peter’s touring life served as the inspiration for “Will I Be Waiting,” a song he co-wrote with Jeff Cohen while in Nashville, Tennessee. His feelings of loneliness and disconnection from his family back home, along with his love of traditional American soul results in a strong ballad with softly delivered vocals evolving into a powerful chorus.

Source: Premiere: New Music Video From Peter Aristone “Will I Be Waiting”

Written in the period of several months in London, Copenhagen or Nashville and recorded in in famous RAK Studios in London under the precise control of Sacha Skarbek, Happiest Accidents EP is out now in the Czech and Slovak republic! You can get it here in the official store or on iTunes.
The album represent a recognisable shift from the previous album – while still maintaining Gold’s focus on a strong singer-songwriter tunes with clear folk foundation, it has more rock oriented feeling to it. „Sacha and I were on the same page with this as we wanted to do the record more expressive this time. The vocal parts got me into places I thought I wouldn’t manage at first but it was clear soon enough that the tension was exactly what the album needed,“ says Peter. The final
result clearly fits to that completely – provided by top studio musicians, the album delivers highly sophisticated instrumentation full of dirty distorted guitars, great experimental keyboard sounds, steady drum grooves and intertwining vocal lines, all flavoured with a fresh indie vibe. As a whole, the album takes the listener through an colourful array of tunes that create very tasty music collection of songs that firmly build on what is the most important – and that is a good songwriting.
Happiest Accidents will be available worldwide on October 6th.

Both 2016 and 2017 were probably the most active years in Peter’s career – he released the first EP and toured extensively not only in the Czech republic where he performed in arenas and small clubs alike but in the USA for the first time as well. Apart from that, he managed to write and record another extended play called Happiest Accidents. Arranged and recorded in London in March with producer Sacha Skarbek again, the new collection of five songs marks yet another slight shift in Peter’s musical direction, this time towards a bit more reflective and engaged lyrics and heavier sound in some places while still retaining the focus on what is the most important – a good tune. The new EP will be released on September 15th in the Czech and Slovak republic and on October 6th worldwide.

One of the most interesting interviews with Peter printed in October’s ROCK&ALL Czech magazine. He talks about some very important moments that formed the music history and explains why every musician should listen to music.

PETER ARISTONE – Muzikant by měl hudbu poslouchat
… Na své první desce spoluracoval například s Jamesem Deanem Bradfieldem ze skupiny Manic Street Preachers. Jak ke spolupráci došlo, proč má na novém EP Gold coververzi písně Love The One You’re With od CSNY a o mnoha jiných věcech jsme si povídali v jeho krásném pražském studiu.

ROCK & ALL | Říjen 2016

Source: ROCK & ALL | Říjen 2016