New EP Happiest Accidents out now in the Czech and Slovak Republic

Written in the period of several months in London, Copenhagen or Nashville and recorded in in famous RAK Studios in London under the precise control of Sacha Skarbek, Happiest Accidents EP is out now in the Czech and Slovak republic! You can get it here in the official store or on iTunes.
The album represent a recognisable shift from the previous album – while still maintaining Gold’s focus on a strong singer-songwriter tunes with clear folk foundation, it has more rock oriented feeling to it. „Sacha and I were on the same page with this as we wanted to do the record more expressive this time. The vocal parts got me into places I thought I wouldn’t manage at first but it was clear soon enough that the tension was exactly what the album needed,“ says Peter. The final
result clearly fits to that completely – provided by top studio musicians, the album delivers highly sophisticated instrumentation full of dirty distorted guitars, great experimental keyboard sounds, steady drum grooves and intertwining vocal lines, all flavoured with a fresh indie vibe. As a whole, the album takes the listener through an colourful array of tunes that create very tasty music collection of songs that firmly build on what is the most important – and that is a good songwriting.
Happiest Accidents will be available worldwide on October 6th.